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Abubaker Shareef
"We would lie in the coffin-like box and our hands and feet, protruding through holes, would be electrocuted"
Ausama Shwehdy
"Even animals didn’t live that kind of life. There was no sunlight, healthy water or family visits."
Bashir Jarbou
"The first time Libyans publically called for the fall of the regime was on that day, 4 January 1976, in Benghazi"
Ilham Dabboub
"Dad's body was left hanging for eight hours. Traffic was diverted to force people to drive past his body."
Jamila Fallag
"I tried to kill myself. I tried to jump out of window. I slit my wrists. I went on hunger strike."
Najat Kikhia
"Mansour didn’t have his own house in Benghazi, so they knocked down our brother’s instead"
Salim Kadiki
"One might have expected stones or water, but not bullets. But a bullet in the chest area means it was intentional."
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