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Amina Jornazi
"Within two days my mother, four brothers, my husband and I were imprisoned"
Ausama Shwehdy
"Even animals didn’t live that kind of life. There was no sunlight, healthy water or family visits."
Dheiba Diaf Zirti
"They took my children's father and their livelihood. They left us with nothing, displaced."
Ibrahim Kadiki
"Gaddafi denied the existence of 1,300 Libyan soldiers in Chadian prisons"
Maayouf Halasa
"To not be able to do anything for my society was such a tragedy"
Majda Sahli
"I found myself in a room stained with blood and heard the sounds of dogs barking and agonising screams"
Salah Houni
"I was put in solitary for 21 months with no sunlight and Gaddafi's voice on loudspeaker"
Youssef bin Harez
"I once told them that they should simply execute all those who returned from Chad to offer us some relief"
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