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Abdelkader Tholthy
"They wanted him to take the blame for the Lockerbie bombing. He refused."
Dheiba Diaf Zirti
"They took my children's father and their livelihood. They left us with nothing, displaced."
Faisal Oraygeeb
"Gaddafi said his people could do what they want and it was none of our business. Imagine the audacity!"
Fathi Terbil
"He whipped me and stripped off my clothes. They threatened to make me sit on a bloodstained bottle."
Ilham Dabboub
"Dad's body was left hanging for eight hours. Traffic was diverted to force people to drive past his body."
Jamal Abdelmotaleb
"In every government job you were confronted by security forces, revolutionary council members, reporting"
Jamila Fallag
"I tried to kill myself. I tried to jump out of window. I slit my wrists. I went on hunger strike."
Khadija Omaymi
"Some of the teachers were awarded posts for being assassins of Libyans abroad"
Maayouf Halasa
"To not be able to do anything for my society was such a tragedy"
Mahmood Abu Shkewa
"Instead of honouring me, they imprisoned me and destroyed my hands"
Najat Kikhia
"Mansour didn’t have his own house in Benghazi, so they knocked down our brother’s instead"
Najla Doughman
"People used to call Gaddafi’s coup a bloodless one, but there was blood in the prisons where many died under torture"
Salim Kadiki
"One might have expected stones or water, but not bullets. But a bullet in the chest area means it was intentional."
Youssef bin Harez
"I once told them that they should simply execute all those who returned from Chad to offer us some relief"
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