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Stories related to: 'Confiscation'

Abdelhakim Taweel
"Since Muslims associate communism with atheism, Gaddafi called his actions socialist"
Dheiba Diaf Zirti
"They took my children's father and their livelihood. They left us with nothing, displaced."
Faisal Oraygeeb
"Gaddafi said his people could do what they want and it was none of our business. Imagine the audacity!"
Jamal Basheer
"Everything belonged to the government. Even the people belonged to the government."
Khadija Omaymi
"Some of the teachers were awarded posts for being assassins of Libyans abroad"
Mabrouka Kedo
"Nine days after they took him away, they called and told us to come and take his body"
Najat Kikhia
"Mansour didn’t have his own house in Benghazi, so they knocked down our brother’s instead"
Nassir Bin Sassi
"bulldozers knocked down our shops without warning and with all the merchandise and money still in them"
Salah Haddar
"He surprised us by saying that ‘if injustice prevails, oppression becomes justice’."
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