The warmth and generosity of the families in Libya who welcomed me into their homes and of the men and women who shared their stories with me was a constant and welcome reminder of the beautiful spirit of my fatherland. Despite the pain of recollecting the worst moments of their lives and the harsh reality they were living through after the 2011 revolution, each and every person I came across in Libya was helpful and supportive and instrumental in bringing this book to fruition.

The support and dedication of many have gone into the production of the articles and videos presented on this site. Samar Haidar and Sameya bou Hassan at the Arab Human Rights Fund, the project sponsor, were engaged and supportive from the outset. I also had the pleasure of working with filmmakers Naziha Arebi and Soudade Kaadan in the production of the video recordings of the interviews, which can be viewed at alongside Arabic editions of the stories.

I would also like to thank Lina Kreidieh at Dar El Nahda publishing house, Fatma Hqaiq at the Tripoli International Scientific Bookshop, Idriss Mismari in Benghazi and the many bookshops and organisations assisting in the distribution of the Arabic edition of the book throughout Libya.


Sharq for Citizen Development

Sharq is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK and Lebanon. It strives for pluralism and independent thought throughout the Arab world and seeks to strengthen the ability of Arab citizens to hear and be heard and to engage in honest productive interactions.


The Arab Human Rights Fund

The Arab Human Rights Fund (AHRF) is a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation that provides support for the promotion and realisation of all human rights in the Arab region. The AHRF defines ‘all human rights’ as those enumerated in the International Bill of Rights and all international instruments dealing with human rights and humanitarian law. It carries out its responsibilities and programs in accordance with these rights and principles without discrimination by reason of gender, ethnicity, religion, national or social status, political opinion or any other distinction. The AHRF is independent of any governmental, political, religious or other interests and is committed to operating with transparency and accountability.


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In accordance with the project goals to promote dialogue and awareness and to lay foundations for the development of strategies relating to psychological support and seeking justice for survivors and victims’ families, all accounts in this book may be used by media outlets, non-profit organisations and other parties at no charge. However the project ‘42 Years of Oppression,’ the project website at and Sharq, the non-profit organisation behind the project, must be referenced, credited and where applicable linked to. This applies to the written articles and the video recordings of the interviews, edits of which can be watched at Interested parties may request the original full-length recordings of the interviews by contacting Sharq, contact details for which can be found at