Interviews with victims of human rights abuses:

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Abdelhakim Taweel
"Since Muslims associate communism with atheism, Gaddafi called his actions socialist"
Abdelkader Tholthy
"They wanted him to take the blame for the Lockerbie bombing. He refused."
Abubaker Ghiryani
"There was no relief. As soon as my body might start to heal, they would begin torturing me again."
Abubaker Shareef
"We would lie in the coffin-like box and our hands and feet, protruding through holes, would be electrocuted"
Ali Akermi
"Some cellmates would be taken every year, on this day that Gaddafi celebrated with hangings, and be executed"
Amina Jornazi
"Within two days my mother, four brothers, my husband and I were imprisoned"
Ausama Shwehdy
"Even animals didn’t live that kind of life. There was no sunlight, healthy water or family visits."
Bashir Jarbou
"The first time Libyans publically called for the fall of the regime was on that day, 4 January 1976, in Benghazi"
Dheiba Diaf Zirti
"They took my children's father and their livelihood. They left us with nothing, displaced."
Faisal Oraygeeb
"Gaddafi said his people could do what they want and it was none of our business. Imagine the audacity!"
Fathi Terbil
"He whipped me and stripped off my clothes. They threatened to make me sit on a bloodstained bottle."
Ibrahim Kadiki
"Gaddafi denied the existence of 1,300 Libyan soldiers in Chadian prisons"
Ilham Dabboub
"Dad's body was left hanging for eight hours. Traffic was diverted to force people to drive past his body."
Jamal Abdelmotaleb
"In every government job you were confronted by security forces, revolutionary council members, reporting"
Jamal Basheer
"Everything belonged to the government. Even the people belonged to the government."
Jamila Fallag
"I tried to kill myself. I tried to jump out of window. I slit my wrists. I went on hunger strike."
Khadija Omaymi
"Some of the teachers were awarded posts for being assassins of Libyans abroad"
Maayouf Halasa
"To not be able to do anything for my society was such a tragedy"
Mabrouka Kedo
"Nine days after they took him away, they called and told us to come and take his body"
Mahmood Abu Shkewa
"Instead of honouring me, they imprisoned me and destroyed my hands"
Majda Sahli
"I found myself in a room stained with blood and heard the sounds of dogs barking and agonising screams"
Moftah Sharef
"I suspect Abdel Nasser advised Gaddafi to be careful of those too close to him, and that's why he removed me"
Najat Kikhia
"Mansour didn’t have his own house in Benghazi, so they knocked down our brother’s instead"
Najla Doughman
"People used to call Gaddafi’s coup a bloodless one, but there was blood in the prisons where many died under torture"
Nassir Bin Sassi
"bulldozers knocked down our shops without warning and with all the merchandise and money still in them"
Salah Haddar
"He surprised us by saying that ‘if injustice prevails, oppression becomes justice’."
Salah Houni
"I was put in solitary for 21 months with no sunlight and Gaddafi's voice on loudspeaker"
Salah Quosmy
"It was very hard psychologically to hear the sirens, the gunfire, the spraying, the tractors"
Salim Kadiki
"One might have expected stones or water, but not bullets. But a bullet in the chest area means it was intentional."
Wafia Gantary
"We heard that Saadi Gaddafi took many Libyans prisoner with him when he left Libya"
Youssef bin Harez
"I once told them that they should simply execute all those who returned from Chad to offer us some relief"
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